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Shapes can be duplicated, rotated, and nested together in CorelDraw to achieve the fullest and most economical use of the material being cut.  If an entire 4' x 8' plate is to be used to cut many small parts, it is possible to duplicate and nest groups of already nested parts.

It is important to be able to control the direction the torch travels when cutting shapes due to the nature of the plasma-arc process.

You will want to arrange the cut order (sequence) so that interior shapes are cut out before exterior shapes, and to move the torch around the material in the most time efficient manner.

Always make your paper size in CorelDraw twice as long and twice as wide as your table's cutting capacity.  When you draw or import shapes into Corel, you want to postion them in the upper right quadrant of the screen.

While the Torchmate CAD Module is vastly superior for converting scanned images for cutting, it is possible to do it in CorelDraw.

Create shape in your favorite CAD program.  Here, AutoCAD 14 has been used. Export the image in dxf file format in a folder where you can find it later.