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Lincoln Electric® Torchmate® 5100 - An Industrial 5x10 CNC Plasma Cutting Machine - Now Available with the Advanced Process Controller for Aluminum and Stainless Steel Cutting


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Torchmate 5100 - An Industrial CNC Plasma Table - Built for All Day Production with Superb Cut Quality

The Lincoln Electric Torchmate 5100 is our flagship 5x10 CNC plasma cutting machine. This robust, industrial table is built with production in mind. The plasma table can handle the rigors of continuous production runs with industry leading repeatability and reliability. This table has been designed and built from the ground up by the engineers of Lincoln Electric - ensuring a world class product with the quality and reliability you have come to expect. These complete systems are fully backed by Lincoln Electric with a 1 year warranty - giving you the peace of mind that your machine and business will be in good hands.

The Advanced Process Controller with the FineLine plasma cutting system is also available for unmatched cut quality on stainless steel and aluminum.


Lincoln Electric takes care of you from start to finish with your new machine. We offer a comprehensive training course for you and your operators to enable you to get up to speed quickly. If you have a new operator, simply give him access to the complete online training course and all progress can be tracked. At the end, you'll be confident knowing that your operator has received an advanced education and is ready to operate the machine with efficiency. Our cutting tables are built to handle full days of production with minimal required maintenance. View the full details and specifications on the machine here, then request a quote or give us a call at 1-866-571-1066 with any questions you may have. 

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Reliable and Robust Table Mechanics - Built For Continuous Production - Performance in Motion

The mechanics of these tables were engineered to handle the toughest shop environments and operate with superb reliability and consistency. Built with encoded servo motors, a helical gear rack, and a lubricated gear to gear rack interface, this machine is built to maximize uptime. In addition, the expected maintenance on this table is very low due to minimal backlash adjustment and the lubrication system. The precision engineering of this table also contributes to the high uptime expectation with thorough quality control checks and precise manufacturing specs ensuring premium quality in every machine produced. The rapid traverse speed of this table is up to 1,500 inches per minute - giving you the speed needed to run full days of production with efficiency. The table's high quality parts means required maintenance is minimal. This reduces stress and makes for an enjoyable production process as you'll be confident that you will be cutting consistent parts no matter how many sheets you need to run.



Bevel Head Configurable - Create Weld Ready Parts with Ease

The new bevel head option gives you the ability to create weld prepped parts much faster and easier than any manual method. This option gives you huge improvements in productivity and efficiency by eliminating secondary beveling processes. The bevel head is able to cut up to ±45° angles, depending on material thickness and plasma configuration. The bevel head is available with the FlexCut 125 and the FineLine HD series of Lincoln Electric plasma cutters. In addition, the Torchmate 5100 is one of the only bevel machines in the world that can use a conventional air plasma cutter. This presents an incredible opportunity to create beveled parts at a cost that is unmatched in the industry. Contact us today - you can request a quote or give us a call at 1-866-571-1066.


Torchmate 5100 Options - Select From the Options Below

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*2" pierce capacity requires Advanced Process Controller

It Starts With The Cut

When it comes to maintaining a competitive automated plasma cutting operation, maximizing output and productivity is essential. Whether the material at hand is a flat plate, structural beam, or pipe, the FineLine® High Definition Plasma Cutting System delivers excellent cut quality. If you’re planning to stay in the game – and more importantly, stay ahead of the game, you need quality cuts, a fast production rate, and a low cost, the first time, every time. You need a FineLine Plasma Cutting System from Lincoln Electric.

Designed to Perform

Superior Cut Quality and Consistency

Superior Cut Quality and Consistency

Easy to Install, Integrate and Use

Easy to Install, Integrate and Use

Lower Operating Cost

Lower Operating Cost

Exceptional Reliability and Productivity

Exceptional Reliability & Productivity

Here's How Parsons Steel Used The FineLine HD Plasma Cutting System To Help Add $7 Million In Revenue

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Enhance Your Cutting with the Advanced Process Controller

The FineLine® Advanced Process Controller can achieve unmatched cut quality on aluminum and stainless steel. The water injection process from Lincoln Electric® is a game changer for industrial high definition plasma cut quality and productivity. Our FineLine Advanced Process Controller combined with our water injection technology improves the cut quality on aluminum by using water as the secondary gas which is split into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen reduces the atmosphere in the cut zone, minimizing contamination and particulates adhering to the cut surface which results in a smoother, weld-ready cut.

Watch our videos showcasing the cut capabilities of the Advanced Process Controller below. Download the Advanced Piercing Technology Solutions Brief here to get an in depth look at the capabilities of this advanced technology.

Take a look at the videos and photos below showing the capabilities of this controller.

Torchmate 5100 Cutting Aluminum with the Advanced Process Controller - Video




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Complete Operator Training

The Torchmate 5100 is built with multiple operators in mind. When you need to train a new operator, your ability to train that new individual will be the best in the world. Lincoln Electric offers a complete online training class for new operators. This online Learning Management System allows you to easily add a new operator to the training class. You can then monitor their progress to ensure they are getting the training they need to operate the table properly as soon as possible. You will no longer need to worry about losing an operator as you can have almost anyone operating this machine at an advanced level in a short period of time. With Lincoln Electric as your partner, you will know that your cutting operation will be taken care of from start to finish - and that's one less thing you need to worry about day to day.  

Fast and Convenient Setup 

The Torchmate 5100 ships as a fully assembled table and setup is designed to be quick. You can be up and cutting in just a couple hours after your machine arrives. Plug the machine into power and air and you'll be up and running! This saves significant amounts of time and eliminates the stress of putting a new machine into use. With our comprehensive training package, you'll be operating the machine with confidence quickly. 

Download the Specification Sheet Here

The Torchmate 5100 is an industrial machine built to rigorous standards. Please click here to download the complete specification sheet for the Torchmate 5100.

Machines Are Built To Order

Lincoln Electric Cutting Systems in Reno, Nevada builds these machines to your order specifications. Your choice of plasma cutter, bevel head, and more will be built to your exact requirements. By leveraging Lincoln Electric's history and reliability, the Torchmate 5100 is the leading choice for businesses that want to ensure consistent, reliable production for years to come. Partner with Lincoln Electric and grow your business today - give us a call at  1-866-571-1066. You may also request a quote on our tables here.


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Financing Available

Lincoln Electric offers financing for the Torchmate 5100 
CNC plasma cutting machines through a third party. Financing
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