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Duplicating, Rotating, and Nesting Shapes in CorelDraw

Shapes can be duplicated, rotated, and nested together in CorelDraw to achieve the fullest and most economical use of the material being cut.  If an entire 4' x 8' plate is to be used to cut many small parts, it is possible to duplicate and nest groups of already nested parts.  This makes it possible to lay out many pieces very quickly. 

To duplicate a part, simply highlight the shape, and use the copy and paste icons at the top of the screen.  The duplicate will appear directly over the original, and can be moved with the mouse.  Clicking an already highlighted part enables you to rotate it, as shown above.  Rotation can be manual or in no. of degrees clockwise or counter-clockwise. 

It is a good idea to make certain that an individual shape is scaled correctly, and that the torch travel is in the desired direction before duplicating it.  If the shape has interior embedded shapes, make sure the cut sequence is correct before duplicating.