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The Lincoln Electric® Torchmate® Product Line - CNC Plasma Cutting Tables For All Applications


Torchmate 4400

The Torchmate 4400 is a fully assembled 4x4 cutting table designed for those who need to preserve space and is an excellent choice for educators.


Torchmate 4800

The Torchmate 4800 is a 4x8 cutting table that is fully assembled and is the perfect table for the medium sized fabrication shop.




Torchmate 4510- The Torchmate 4510 is a 5x10 table in our Torchmate 4000 Series and is an ideal introduction to plasma cutting for the mid sized production shop.



Torchmate X 5x10 - The Torchmate X is a light industrial table designed to handle harsh shop environments and thick plates of metal.

Torchmate X Spirit 275


TMX Larger Sizes - Up To 8x22 Cutting Table- For a larger table size to the Torchmate X machine, please see here.


Torchmate 5100 - The Torchmate 5100 is an ideal all day production cutting machine with minimal maintenance required. Bevel cutting is also available.


MasterPipe Compact Profiler - 25 ft