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Lincoln Electric® Conventional and High Definition Plasma Cutting Systems

Choosing the Right Plasma Cutter - Air or Mixed Gas Plasma Cutting

When it comes to automated plasma cutting, maximizing output and productivity is essential to the business or hobby that wants to remain competitive. The plasma cutting system you choose will play a critical role in determining the range of materials you’ll be able to cut, and will also define the maximum thickness of material you’ll be able to pierce. Knowing these parameters before you purchase will be a key part of your CNC plasma cutting table buying decision.

The first step is deciding which of the two main types of plasma cutters you need: a conventional plasma cutter, or a high definition (HD) plasma cutting system. Conventional systems are used for home garage fabrication all the way up to mid-size production. High definition systems provide a high end cut with minimal dross for those larger, more demanding applications. They also provide an industry leading duty cycle to keep you operational 24 hours a day.

Our family of cutting systems has been bringing affordable CNC plasma cutting tables to manufacturers all over the world for more than 30 years. The unmatched range of options and accessories enables us to tailor each machine to meet any customer's production requirement. Explore the range of conventional and high definition plasma systems by clicking the links above.

You may also call one of our trained sales representatives for help in choosing the right plasma cutting systems for your hobby or business at 1-866-571-1066.

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