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Torchmate X - A Light Industrial CNC Plasma Cutting Table

  • Overview

    Torchmate X with FlexCut 125 plasma cutter

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    Unitized 5x10 CNC Plasma Table

    The Lincoln Electric® Torchmate X™ is a light industrial CNC plasma cutting table with a standard size of 5x10, and an extra large size option of 6x14. This model includes a new streamlined design with an improved cable management system, integrated electronics, and a new touchscreen. The ease of use has also seen significant improvements with direct DXF and DWG file import, as well as onboard nesting. This onboard nesting allows you to nest the parts directly on the touchscreen for quick cutting of your parts. In one interface, users are able to synchronize the height controller, motion controller, and design software—making it easier than ever to teach a team of operators the table’s most advanced operations.

    Torchmate X Cutting

    The Torchmate X table is available with Lincoln Electric's own highly regarded air plasma cutters. The FlexCut 80 and FlexCut 125 are robust plasma cutters giving you top notch cut quality along with some of the best consumable life in the industry. FlexCut air plasma systems offer impressive pierce thicknesses and high duty cycles for their cost. No gas control is required, yet the cut quality of the machine remains competitive when cutting metal less than or equal to one inch in thickness.

    The Torchmate X is a unitized system which means that every critical part of the machine - table, motion controller, and plasma cutter - are designed and built by Lincoln Electric. This gives you the confidence of knowing that all the parts of the machine are built to be used together and supported by one company. When buying such an important piece of machinery for your business, obtaining the reliability and support of Lincoln Electric means you'll be able to attach your business to the 120 years of success that Lincoln Electric has built it's reputation on. Make the right choice today by giving us a call at 775-673-2200 or filling out the instant quote request form below.

    The Torchmate X tables are shipped fully assembled. The setup process has been streamlined making the process smooth and enabling you to start putting the machine to work right away. You are required to provide an on-site supply of air, power, and water. You will also need a forklift to receive the machine and put it into position.

    To learn more about the Torchmate X, give us a call at 775-673-2200 and we will be happy to walk you through the best options for your needs. Please also request an instant quote below!

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    Torchmate X with Large Table Size Options - 6x14*

    The Torchmate X is also available in an extra large size of 6x14. This allows larger sheets of metal or multiple sheets to be placed on the table. These larger sized tables greatly expand your flexibility and production ability. The Flexcut 80 and 125 conventional air plasma cutters are both available.

    *Please note that Torchmate X tables in sizes greater than 5x10 do not include touchscreen controls. Instead they include a computer or a Burny Controller. Please talk to your representative for details.

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  • Specifications

    Machine Size

    • 5x10 - New Unitized Model
    • 5’X10’ machine leaves 92.54”x154.77” footprint


    Model Features

    • DXF, DWG Direct Import
    • Adjustable water height on water table
    • Low backlash 5:1 gearboxes
    • Durable finish
    • Angled support slats for increased life
    • Factory test cut from your machine included with shipment

    Standard Equipment

    • Water table, Gantry, and Arc Voltage Height Control
    • Full cable carrier system
    • Visual Machine Designer Touchscreen Interface
    • FlexCut 80 or FlexCut 125 plasma cutter


    • Steel fabricated gantry with dual y-axis drive
    • Precision x-axis linear guide—the ultimate in accuracy and durability
    • Precision ground y-axis guide rails to within .001 tolerances, 63 Micro finish, custom made in the USA

    Electronics/Motion System    

    • Two Y-axis 380 oz. in. stepper motors
    • One X-axis 380 oz. in stepper motor
    • 8 amp micro stepping drives
    • Motion Controller

    User Controls

    • Full featured Visual Machine Designer HMI


    • Approximately 3,739 lbs for 5’ x 10’ system with no water

    Input Power


    Input Air

    • 8 SCFM @ 90 PSI, dry air filtered to minimum 5 micron

    Cutting Area

    • 5'x10'
    • 6'x14'

    Cutting Capacity

    Drive System

    • Rack and pinion X/Y-Axis 5:1 Reduction
    • Ball Screw/Linear Stage Z-Axis

    Traverse Speed

    • Up to 572 ipm

    Cut Speed

    • Up to 572 ipm

    Standard Software

    • Visual Machine Designer with Onboard Nesting
    • Torchmate CAD/CAM

    Available Software

    • BobCAD DXF Art Package
    • Torchmate CAD/CAM Professional Text Compose and Art Package (includes a large library of fonts and clipart)


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