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Plasma Cutting Safety and Accessory Kits


Plate Marking Attachment

 Laser Torch and Plate Marker Attachments - straight without slats - web

Oxy Fuel 

TMXHD Oxy Photo -web

PlateGuard™ Water Table Additive - Prevent Rust and Corrosion 


Service Pack 2 Upgrade - Laser Pointer, Breakaway, and Software Updates

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Laser Pointer

Laser Torch and Plate Marker Attachments - left with slats - web

Two Stage Air Filtration System

Two Stage Air Filtration

Onsite Installation and Training






Customizing your Torchmate to suit your shape cutting needs is as easy as a call to our parts department, or outfit your machine when its built with our available accessories. Here are some of our most popular accessories. Please feel free to call our team to help you get the most out of your Torchmate CNC machine.

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