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How to Choose the Right Torchmate CNC Plasma Cutting Machine for You


Lincoln Electric offers a complete CNC plasma table package for Educators. This includes the ability to allow an unlimited number of students with a single license of Torchmate CAD. In addition, we offer a complete curriculum to make starting and teaching a class on our machines easy. 

How to Choose your CNC Plasma Table for a Small Business 

Small businesses can take advantage of the best machines in the industry along with world class training and support by Lincoln Electric. Make your entry into the world of robotic automation as easy and seamless as possible by selecting one of our advanced but user friendly CNC plasma table options.

How to Choose a CNC Plasma Machine for an Industrial Application

Our industrial CNC plasma tables are built with the most rugged components and enable all day production with minimal maintenance. These high reliability machines are built to run with speed and consistency. Adding a bevel head means you can create weld prep ready parts with ease.