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Lincoln Electric® MasterPipe® Compact Profiler - A Robust CNC Pipe Cutting Solution for Schools and Educational Institutions

MasterPipe Compact Profiler

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A CNC Pipe Cutting Machine Built With Education In Mind

The MasterPipe® Compact pipe profiler is a diverse CNC pipe cutting machine that can cut round pipe and tube ranging in size from 1-8 inches in diameter.* Operators can manually bevel pipes to create fittings that are nearly ready for welding. The machine has two options for the length of the machine bed: 15 and 25 feet. Each foot of the machine has a maximum weight capacity of 100lbs, with a total maximum weight capacity of 1,000 lbs.

This machine is an excellent choice for the educational environment, allowing your students to have a hands-on experience for pipe cutting - all in a small package that is easily able to fit in a small shop space.

This machine's software capabilities allow your students to practice on industrial software in use today at premier pipe cutting facilities - giving them a head start on the job market and training on leading software.


Train and Operate for the Real World with this CNC Plasma Pipe Cutting MachineMP Compact Side Profile

You students will gain the critical hands on experience and training with this machine and see what it looks like in the real world to operate a pipe cutting machine. You'll learn all about bevel angles and preparing pipe for welding - in addition to easily allowing you to create weld coupons for practice. Your students will be able to see exactly how a real pipe cutting operation runs - from hands on experience with pipe movement and setup, to the software programming, and creating a finished part that can then be used for welding. Combined with a Torchmate plasma table, you'll be able to train on both flat plate and pipe cutting in one small footprint.


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Everything You Need To Start Cutting Pipe Is Included - All In One System

The MasterPipe® Compact Profiler comes standard with a FlexCut® 80 plasma cutter. This plasma cutter cuts 65% faster than other plasma cutters on the market and offers an incredible consumable life. The machine is also operated by an ACCUMOVE® motion controller and a Visual Machine Designer user interface.

This is all accessed through the touch screen computer pre-configured and installed near the chuck of the machine. It’s all pre-wired and comes with the software already downloaded and ready to open. The modern software technology and logical sequence of operations make it easy for multiple operators to be proficient on the machine. Take a look at the machine specifications below, then be sure to request a quote to take advantage of this machine's capabilities in your own business.

Machine Features - Pipe Cutting up to 8" Pipe

The machine's weight limit is equivalent to a 20 foot stick of 8 inch schedule 80 pipe. The maximum wall thickness that can be cut on this machine is ¾” mild steel. This is achieved with the 80 amp FlexCut® plasma cutter that comes standard on every Lincoln Electric MasterPipe® Compact Profiler.

The machine has a floating 3-jaw chuck that allows the operator to easily load and unload pipes. It also has a positive air flow that blows from the chuck through the pipe to make fume extraction more efficient. Simply position the fume extraction system over the section of pipe being cut and the fumes should flow directly to the source of extraction.

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Download the Product Brief Here

Click here to download the Product Brief for the Masterpipe Compact Profiler. You'll find an overview along with the basic specifications of the machine.

Machine Specifications for the MP Compact Profiler

Input Power

  • 120V/1Ph/60Hz (machine)
  • 200-600V/1Ph-3Ph/50-60Hz (plasma)

Traverse Speed

  • 200 ipm (5.08m/min max)

Pipe Capacity

  • Production capacity: 1-8in (2.5-20.3cm)*
  • *For cutting 1 inch to 2 inch pipe, a pipe support accessory is required.

Weight Capacity

  • Maximum total weight: 1,000 lbs (453.6 kg)
  • Maximum weight per foot: 100 lbs

Travel - Longitudinal

  • 24ft (7.32m)

Pierce Capacity

  • FlexCut 80 - 0.75 in.


Maximum Cutting Speed

  • 200 ipm - limited by cutting process (5.08 m/min)

Bevel Angle

  • 0-45° manual bevel

Pipe Rotation Drive

  • Precision planetary gear box and belt drive

Linear Motion

  • Precision rack and pinion

Cutting Process

  • Plasma

Temperature: (operating)

  • 40-100°F (1-38° C)

Fume Extraction

  • Custom quotes available upon request

Watch Cut Samples From the MasterPipe Compact Profiler in the Video Below!

Software Capabilities with PypeServer Software on the MasterPipe Compact Profiler


Advanced Pipe Processing

Reduce Cost and Cut Parts Quicker

• Reduce the costs of pipe fitting, grinding and filling by cutting parts more accurately. PypeServer provides actual CNC cut-paths that account for cutter kerf, plasma beam divergence, custom bevels, root gap offsets, torch swirl direction, lead-ins, lead-outs and pierce angles.

• Eliminate paper parts lists with PypeServer’s spool importing and job planning that schedules and tracks every part through cutting.

• Easily update change orders and track jobs by knowing what has been cut - and when.

• Save hours by nesting parts right at the machine, where operators maximize pipe use and quickly respond to welders’ needs.

• Optional: Uniquely label parts with CAD Design IDS, pipe heat numbers, QR codes, customer, job, and spool number.

Manage Your Operation

Cut, Label and Track

• Increase machine output by cutting entire nestings without operator intervention
• Make accurate cuts with powerful PypeServer NC machine control
• Automatically track cut and job completion

Automatically Nest on Pipe

• Easily nest at the machine
• Automatically nest from a scheduled list
• Nest on drops

Design Parts, Manage Jobs

• Plan and manage all your jobs in one place
• Design parts in 3D without CAD expertise


What’s Included:

• One remote seat
• WinMPM File Importer
• One additional CAD importer
• Kiosk + CPU
• One Year Annual Subscription*


*Requires annual subscription. First year included with sale of machine.

Import and Cut Efficiently

Import Spools from CAD

• Reduce machine programming and eliminate costly mistakes
• Link parts to CAD designs and easily re-import changes

Build Faster

• Grind, fill and prep less with accurate cuts
• Get the parts welders need - now
• Scan labels to find spool drawings


File Importing

• WinMPM
• GTP Stratus
• ShipConstructor
• Tekla
• Acorn
• SysQue/CSV


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