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Plate Marking Attachment for Torchmate Plasma Tables - Inscribing, Engraving

  • Overview

    Laser Torch and Plate Marker Attachments - straight without slats - webTorchmate's automated plate marking attachment is a fully pneumatic tool to mark designs on to your metal plate and is available for any Torchmate table. This tool is designed to be able to handle uneven plate. Adding part numbers, break lines, logos, and more to your designs adds an extra element of customization that will give all of your metal pieces a unique look.

    The plate marker is easy to install and comes with a complete, in depth guide to add your plate marker to your machine. If you order the plate marker with a new machine, it will come completely installed with the machine.

    The Plate Marking Attachment provides permanent, high-precision marking on a wide range of metals, including steel and aluminum. Torchmate has been specializing in industrial strength shape cutting machines for 37 years. We pride ourselves on our customer service. Give us a call today at 1-866-571-1066 to add the plate marker to your new Torchmate machine order, or to add it to your existing table! You may also purchase online at

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