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Plate Marking Attachment

  • Overview

    Plate Marking by TorchmateTorchmate's Automated Plate Marking Attachment requires no plate height setting. The pneumatic motion will travel until the pen contacts with the plate. The adjustable downward force prevents tool damage from hard impacts. This also prevents plate deformation. Adjusting downward force changes the engraved line for a thicker, deeper line. The adjustable pen throttle (BPM) affects line thickness and impacts per second for a dotted line effect or a smooth line effect.

    The Plate Marking Attachment provides permanent, high-precision marking on a wide range of metals, including steel and aluminum. View the plate marking videos on the Demo Videos page. Torchmate has been specializing in industrial strength shape cutting machines for 37 years. We pride ourselves on our customer service. Give us a call today!

  • Specifications
    • Electrical: Dual 120 volt solenoids for activation of pen and actuator (wired for simultaneous activation, can be modified by user for independent activation if desired)
    • Air: Connector: ¼"OD quick connect tubing
    • Pressure: 90 PSI clean dry air
    • Regulator: 30 PSI for pneumatic actuator (recommended setting 15-20psi)
    • Pen: BPM: 0-13500
    • Working Pressure: 90PSI (6.2 BAR)
    • dBA (with no plate contact) 82+/-2 dBA
    • dBA (with plate contact) ~ 100-120 dBA
    • Lubrication: In line lubricator is recommended (make sure to ONLY lubricate the plate marker and no other equipment