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Changing Lead In/Out Start Points in Version 5

Let’s start with a fairly complex tool path.

Double click the tool path to expose the nodes that make up the path. When the nodes are exposed, this toolbar will also appear. The tool fourth from the left is the Start Point tool, and can be used in the following examples to change the start point position in your image.

Select the tool, and upon doing so, a red diamond shaped icon will appear. By moving your mouse, the icon will travel along the tool path. Stop the mouse where you want to relocate the Start Point for the lead in/out.

As you can see in the image below, the Start Point has be moved to reflect the change. Before moving to a new section to make changes, click on the green checkmark in the toolbar to complete the current changes. Now, move to another area to change the Start Point in that tool path. Click the Green checkmark after every new change is completed

The Lead In/Out tool works similarly to the Start Point, except that it will only change one of the leads at a time, and will usually move the corresponding leads upon making new changes.

In the example below the lead position was changed, however when I made a change to a subsequent area, the first lead in returned to its original position.

You may also click on individual lead nodes to change the angle or length if you wish.

To do this click on one node and the hold your left mouse key down while you drag the line shorter, longer, or in a different direction.

Click on the green checkmark in the toolbar when finished.

>> Printable PDF with Screen Shots