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Torchmate 3

CNC Plasma Cutting Kits On A Budget

Lincoln Electric Cutting Systems Torchmate 3 Bolt together CNC systems can be assembled with a few basic hand tools. The plasma table can be disassembled in sub-sections and re-assembled in minutes if it must be moved. CNC gantry kits are also available for customers who want to customize their table.

Plasma cutting is improved with our ACCUMOVE motion control systems and standard height control. Every Torchmate CNC system includes a shape library and available wireless touch screen control on your widows tablet or droid OS.

Our Torchmate 3 bolt together CNC plasma machines weighs in at approximately 450 lbs., yet has the stiffness and rigidity of a steel machine weighing four times more. The extruded aluminum rail support beams with thick diagonal webs running their entire length. Joints in the frame use 1/4" thick triangulated gussets. One of the rails is dropped 8" below the other to facilitate loading the material to be cut with a forklift. The gantry can be moved to the far end of the table to make room for the forklift.

Industrial leveling screws with a load capacity of 5,000 lbs. each are used on each of the 6 legs. These make the leveling of the machine an easy chore. Extra T-nuts are supplied for each leg so diagonal leg bracing can be easily added, should this ever be desired.

The Torchmate 3 comes with dual 380 oz. in. motors on the X (long) axis, and one 380 oz. in. motor on the Y axis. The drive system is dual rack and pinion with 5:1 low backlash gearbox reduction. A test indicator has measured positioning accuracy at 1 1/2 thousandths of an inch (.0015"). The X axis motors and gear racks are outside the frame rails on both sides of the machine and are protected by a 1" steel rail overhang, keeping clear of any debris caused by the cutting process. The 1 1/4 x 3/8" gear racks are specially manufactured for the Torchmate 3. They have far more rigidity than conventional square gear racks, ensuring that they are perfectly straight for their entire length.

The Torchmate 3 uses precision linear motion Y axis components and an industrial linear motion slide with four hardened and ground rails at right angles to each other. The gantry rides on a three-point support system using 1" hardened needle bearing cam followers with a load capacity of 2,225 lbs. each. The X axis rails are cold roll steel flat bars. Guide rollers grip either side of the rail to maintain alignment. Cold roll steel has a tolerance of under a thousandth of an inch. If the rails ever wear over time, they can be replaced economically by most steel suppliers. Replaceable felt wipers at either end of the cassette help keep out dust and grit.

Bolt Together Torchmate 3 machines are supplied with slat support brackets with slots into which 3/16" thick steel strips can be placed. For cutting steel up to about 1/2" thick without reinforcement, you can mount the brackets on your frame as shown here. For heavier material (over 1/2" plate), fabricate a separate support table, and weld the slat support brackets to either side of the table. The slotted brackets and optional water table are optional on Torchmate 3 DIY kits.











Additional Bolt Together Options

Classic Torchmate Bolt Together Torchmate 

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What’s Included:


Integrated Arc Voltage Height Control (AVHC)

Visual Machine Designer (VMD)

Industrial Z-Axis Lifter Station

  • 6¾ Inches of Travel
  • Enclosed Twin V-Rail Linear Guides
  • Integrated Lead Screw Drive
  • 330 oz-in Stepper Motor

Production Grade CNC Controller

  • Ethernet Connectivity
  • On-the-Fly Motion Control
  • Cut Quality Algorithms
  • Advanced Look Ahead
  • Deterministic Stepper Output
  • *Click here to watch*

Machine Size

  • 4’x8’ machine leaves 80”x132” footprint

Table Type

  • Bolt Together

Model Features

  • Easy assembly with gantry kit or bolt together
  • Leveling legs
  • Drop-rail forklift feature
  • Dual x-axis motors
  • Gearbox drive system

Standard Equipment

Bolt Together

  • Precision ground x-axis rails
  • Heavy anodized extruded aluminum ready for easy bolt together assembly
  • Slat support brackets with slots for 3/16" thick steel strips



  • Heavy reinforced extruded aluminum gantry
  • Y-axis industrial linear motion roller cassette and rail system
  • X-axis has eight 1” diameter hardened needle bearing cam followers riding on 2 ground steel rails
  • Rail height 41” and 33"

Electronics/Motion System

  • Micro-stepping stepper motors available
  • 8 amp optically encoded servo motors available
  • Two x-axis drive and motor and one y-axis drive and motor
  • 380 oz. in. stepper motors

User Controls

  • PC based control software with Ethernet interface


  • Approximately 450 lbs.

Input Power

  • 15 amp/ 110 volt for controls
  • 220 volt models available for international customers

Cutting Area

  • 4’x8'

Cutting Capacity

  • 1" Thick - Plasma Cutting
  • 4" Thick - Oxyfuel (additional material support required)

Drive System

  • Dual rack and pinion with 5:1 low backlash gearbox reduction

Traverse Speed

  • Up to 500 ipm

Machine Resolution

  • Approximately .0015”

Standard Software

  • Torchmate VMDSoftware
  • Accepts G-code


Computer Requirements

  • Windows 7,8 or 10
  • 1 GB processor
  • 1 GB ram
  • 30 GB hard drive


  • Full 1 year warranty on electronics, parts, and software
  • Lifetime unlimited free technical support

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