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Below you will find the machine specific instruction manual for your new Torchmate CNC cutting system.  Many of the following files are in PDF form.  You will need Adobe Reader to open these files included on this site.

Important phone numbers and email addresses:

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Torchmate 4400 and 4800


Torchmate X Table

Torchmate X

 MASTERPIPE™ Mini Profiler 



Torchmate Classic Table


Torchmate 3 Table
5x10 Torchmate 35x10 Torchmate 3 Bolt together

Torchmate 2 Table

4x8 Torchmate 2 Complete4x8 Torchmate 2 Bolt

Torchmate 1 Table
Torchmate 1

  • Torchmate 1 Assembly Instructions - Assembling your new Torchmate 1 System. Included are the following: a list of hardware needed, materials to be purchased locally, x-axis rail system assembly, table frame assembly, gantry assembly (y-axis), y-axis carriage assembly, gantry installation, and motor mount assembly (x and y axis).
  • Torchmate 1 Materials Cut Sheet - This spreadsheet is a calculator that allows customers to get the sizes of material that they need to cut in order to weld together a Torchmate 1 table. It saves from having to do any arithmetic and from the possibility of making errors in addition. Simply print it out and use it as a cut list.
  • Slat Support Bracket (for Windows 7 Right Click/Save Target As) - Download a DXF file of the Slat Support Bracket. This bracket is an optional slat support bracket if you are using an open air table, and not a custom water table.
  • Slat Support Bracket Holder (for Windows 7 Right Click/Save Target As- Download a DXF file of the Slat Support Bracket Holder.

Torchmate Growth Series Tables

Torchmate Growth Series 2x2Torchmate 2x4Torchmate Growth Series 4x4

Growth Series Instructions:

Torchmate Growth Series | Accumove™ 2 Instruction Manuals
The instructions presented here are arranged to be as simple as A–B–C–D: step-by-step. Assemble the cutting table, bind the Accumove 2 controller to the table through the VMD software, Couple the cutting table to the (optional) water table, and Deploy the selected tools. Each step presents a list of components and parts, instructions for the step, and an illustration. 



Torchmate ReadyPak


ReadyPak Instructions for Machines Purchased Before December 2014:

  • Torchmate ReadyPak - Instructions for setting up the BLT or EDU version of the Torchmate 2x2 or 4x4. These instructions also include the basic cable connections and configuring the Driver software for use.

ReadyPak Instructions for Machines Purchased After December 2014:


Torchmate Routermate Table