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Torchmate Classic - A Bolt Together CNC Cutting Table

Next Generation Automated Plasma Cutting

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Available in 4x8 and 5x10, the Torchmate® Classic bolt together CNC machine represents improved motion control and cut quality from Lincoln Electric. Spring boarding off the design that helped Torchmate CNC plasma cutters become a household name; the plasma table is engineered with components that can provide extended hours of continuous operation, and has self-cleaning linear guidance to reduce maintenance. Its extruded aluminum frame is both light and durable, and allows you to setup this versatile CNC machine anywhere in your shop. The design, coupled with the power of our ACCUMOVE® controller, will provide cut quality not normally associated with CNC plasma kits.

Start Plasma Cutting Quickly

The internal components of our ACCUMOVE controller make the Torchmate Classic CNC machine the most advanced aluminum table in the industry. The Visual Machine Designer software simplifies our advancements by packaging the sophisticated features in a user-friendly interface. The standardization of operating procedures can be easily programmed into the controller, keeping the transition between operators fast, and your part quality consistently high. The built in shape library gets you plasma cutting fast.

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Advanced CNC Machine Motion

We’ve restructured the Y-axis linear guidance on the Torchmate plasma table to incorporate our new perpendicular V-rail gantry carriages. The design change has reoriented one of the V-roller carriages to be perpendicular with the other. The ACCUMOVE height control also rides on a more advanced linear guide that is equipped with a 35mm profile linear rail with a recirculating ball bearing cassette. This combination of linear guidance reduces friction in the linear motion of both the CNC gantry and the torch.



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Classic Torchmate Bolt Together 

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Torchmate Classic Specifications:

  • (3) 396 oz-in Stepper Motors
  • (3) 10:1 Gear Boxes
  • Maximum Traverse Speed: 1,060 ipm
  • Two-Tool Mounting Plate
  • V-Rail/V-Groove Y-axis Linear Guidance
  • 35 mm Profile Linear Rail X-axis Linear Guidance
  • Unexposed Gear-Rack and Pinion Drive System
  • Spring-loaded Gear Engagement
  • Perpendicular Gantry Carriages
  • Gantry Auto-squaring
  • Homing/Limit Switches
  • 10 Auxiliary Inputs (3 Available)
  • 15 Auxiliary Outputs (11 Available)
  • Machine Resolution: 0.00005”
  • Gantry Clearance: 5”
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 1/2” Mild Steel Plate
  • Input Power: 120 VAC @ 7.5A Max
  • Anodized Aluminum Frame
  • Limited to plate marker and additional tool


  • 4 × 8: 84” × 121” × 63”
  • 5 × 10: 96” × 145” × 63”


  • 1,200 lbs 4 × 8
  • 1,500 lbs 5 × 10

ACCUMOVE® Controller Features

Integrated Arc Voltage Height Control (AVHC)

Visual Machine Designer (VMD)

Industrial Z-Axis Lifter Station

  • 6¾” of Travel
  • Enclosed Twin V-Rail Linear Guides
  • Integrated Lead Screw Drive
  • 330 oz-in Stepper Motor

Production Grade CNC Controller

  • Ethernet Connectivity
  • On-the-Fly Motion Control
  • Cut Quality Algorithms
  • Advanced Look Ahead
  • Deterministic Stepper Output
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Optional 4x8 Watertable | Torchmate Classic

Control dust and fume with the optional 4x8 Torchmate Classic watertable

The Torchmate Classic CNC machine features an optional one piece waterpan and steel frame that will accomodate up to 1" thick mild steel.

The 4x8 Torchmate Classic CNC table with optional watertable does not require slat supports. For tables without the optional watertable, please include slat supports in your order.

Slats are considered a consumable item and are not included with the purchase of your CNC plasma machine. Slats can be sourced at your local metal supply.


Additional Options | Torchmate Classic

Plate Markers are available options for the 4x8 and 5x10 Torchmate Classic CNC machine.

Oxy Fuel Systems are an availble option for the Torchmate Classic CNC Table.


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