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The Making of a Monster Torchmate CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

What does buying an industrial CNC plasma cutting system and riding the New York City subway have in common? The sheer size and complexity alone from a "newbie's" perspective could send anyone running in the opposite direction. However, if you are planning on walking the streets of NYC, it is going to take you a long time to get to where you are headed.

If you own a fabrication shop and do not own a CNC plasma cutting system, you are simply walking through your production processes when you could be going along for the ride ahead of your competitors. Imagine literally sitting back with a cup of coffee while your work is done for you with precision, repeatability, and ease. Make a part in 10 minutes instead of having your employee labor all day on that same part. Break away from the hurdle of just trying to make quota and make profits. Quadruple your business capacity, and your CNC machine will pay for itself in no time.

We are taking you into the Torchmate fabrication shop to show you how our monster machines are built, shipped to you within weeks, and installed on-site ready for heavy-duty production. We want to invite you into our lives as we manufacture a machine that will change the way you do business. We are confident that our fabrication and build of these machines is second to none with attention to detail, leading technology during production, full in-house testing prior to shipment, and on-site installation and staff training.

Torchmate has two adjacent facilities where all the "magic happens." These facilities house a shipping department and two production environments comprised of a Kuka robot unit, two Torchmate X production machines, an assembly division, and our Torchmate Racing vehicle rebuild section.

Let's go for a walk through the build of the monster Torchmate CNC plasma cutting machine we call Torchmate X.

The first step is a solid foundation. We use 8W40 wide flange beams. Cross members are laid and a magnetic drill is used to drill holes which will connect to the surface beams. Once it has been bolted together it is flipped over and laser leveled.

Meanwhile, the ends and sides of the table are being welded together using a 6-axis Kuka robot.

The structural tubing is laid out to make up the skeleton of the base as well as the second level and central chamber which stores the water when the table is not in use.

The ends and sides are then welded on.

What better testament to the reliability and trust we have in our own Torchmate CNC plasma cutting machines than to have two constantly running in our shop at all times. These two Torchmate X machines cut thick plate, all the main bracketry, and the sheets and drains for the water tables.

The bottom level is then welded in and water tested. The upper skeleton is then welded in and plate is welded into the top.

This space forms the chamber into which air force is used to drive the water into the top level through vent tubes.

The top is then fully welded and leak tested. The slat support holders are welded into place, and the table is cleaned up for paint.

After a powder coating the slats go in and the plumbing is installed. Next, an external rail system will be erected.

The gantry unit is fabricated and assembled separately in our second production facility.

Every piece of steel used in our Torchmate X machines is cut using our Torchmate machines. We use our machines to make our machines! We can only hope that the machines don't start thinking for themselves too!