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The Future of CNC Machining

FF Journal has featured an article from Torchmate's Product Manager, Josh Schohn on what the future holds for CNC machining. With technological advances, CNC machines are becoming more affordable and versatile, and in turn changing the face of manufacturing. The Torchmate 2x2 (below) is an example of the available CNC machines that are compatible for hobbyists and smaller shop owners. CNC machines were once limited to larger manufacturers due to cost and size. 

Below is an excerpt from FF Journal's column:

"Examine technological advancements in any industry and you’ll find some unavoidable themes. Technology makes products shrink. It makes them more affordable and it makes them faster and more versatile. We’ve seen it in computers, which were once refrigerator-sized, multimillion-dollar machines but now fit in one hand and sell for a few hundred dollars. We’ve seen it in publishing, where huge printing presses once churned out millions of copies of books that now are beamed individually to Kindles or tablets with the click of a button. Smartphones are the epitome of this trend—combining the functions of a camera, computer, GPS, music player and phone into a package the size of a deck of cards."

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