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Designing the Torchmate

Purchasers of our Torchmate 2 gantry kits are supplied with a digital 3-D model of the completed machine.   They can rotate it, and zoom in to see the finest detail from any angle, helping to make the kit's completion easy and fun.  Full instructions are also provided.   Viewing the 3-D model requires the SolidWorks viewer, which can be downloaded free at: 

Overview of Torchmate 2 CNC gantry kits

Other manufacturers of similarly priced machines limit you to a small capacity, light duty framework that can be conveniently shipped via UPS or another carrier.  Torchmate 2 CNC gantry kits let you build a far heavier and sturdier machine at the same or less cost.

We do this by providing plans for you to fabricate the frame and rail system from locally purchased heavy wall 3" square tubing and cold roll steel, as shown below.  The frame and rail assembly is an extremely simple project, requiring a few holes to be drilled, welding, and painting.  Cost of the materials involved is just a few hundred dollars.

Torchmate 1The time needed to cut the frame parts to length and weld them as shown below is a matter of a few hours.  The resulting structure easily supports a pickup truck.







Torchmate 2The gantry unit itself, shown mounted on the rails, is 90% completed when you get it.  All that is necessary is making a drive shaft from 3/4" cold roll round bar, a few spot welds, painting 8 brackets, and bolting together.  You can be up and running over the course of a weekend.








Torchmate 3In this illustration, material support slats have been added.  This can be accomplished in different ways, depending on the size and weight of the material to be cut.  It is important that the slats be individually replaceable as they deteriorate from the cutting process.   First Invert them, and then replace them individually as needed.







Torchmate 4The digital 3-D model that comes on the instruction CD lets you see exactly how the machine's components fit together.  The model was created to exact scale, and can be viewed from any angle, and in any level of detail.  The insert at the upper left gives an idea of the amount of zoom possible.