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Importing CAD/CAM DXF Files into Torchmate CAD/CAM Version 5

Since AutoCad was designed to produce printed or plotted drawings, shapes created in AutoCad often have hidden gaps, overlapping lines, etc., that must be corrected before the shape can be cut.

When you import a dxf file into the Torchmate Cad Module that was produced by another program such as AutoCad, an "Import File" window appears. Select AutoCad (*.dxf) as the "files of type."

At the bottom of the Import File window is a "customize" button. Left click on the customize button and a "Parameter Specifications" window appears.

Make sure that you select the Post Analysis option. This option checks for contours that are overlapping, attempts to remove duplicate nodes, and also generates a path from shapes that are made up of inside and outside shapes.

The Gap Tolerance option is also something that will help in closing contours for continuous cutting. The Gap Tolerance option will attempt to close open end points that are within the specified Gap Tolerance value. Some adjustment of this value may be necessary for all unwanted gaps to be closed.