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Tech Bulletins - Lincoln Electric® Cutting Systems

Below you will find our latest Tech Bulletins. 

Technical Bulletin #1: Machine Grounding Information

Click here to download this bulletin: Machine Grounding Information

Proper grounding must be provided to ensure personnel safety and to suppress high frequency noise. The foundation of good grounding is an effective earth ground rod. A star ground point usually connects to the rod with a short, heavy conductor. Lines radiate out from this ground point to each component of the system, establishing a central grounding point. A simple copper clad steel rod can be driven into the ground to create a Grounding Rod; however, the rod must be driven into the ground deep enough such that it comes into contact with the water table to ensure a proper earth ground.

Consult with a qualified electrical technician to verify your system grounding.


Technical Bulletin #2: ACCUMOVE® Ohmic Relay Installation

Click here to download this bulletin: ACCUMOVE Ohmic Relay Installation

This bulletin will show you how to install your ACCUMOVE ohmic relay. Included is a wiring diagram and instuctions. Please download and follow the instructions as shown.


Technical Bulletin #3: Premature Consumable Wear

Click here to download this bulletin: Premature Consumable Wear

Premature consumable wear in Ohmic sensing machine torches.

Lincoln Electric Cutting Systems has experienced premature consumable wear or electrolysis in machine torches that use both a negative ground path (cathode) and positive shield cap (anode) when sodium nitrite is present as a corrosion inhibitor in CNC plasma water tables. Electrolysis occurs when water containing sodium nitrite is introduced to the torch via splashing or submersion into the water table.

As a result Lincoln Electric Cutting Systems has removed a feature originally built into the Ohmic sensing of ACCUMOVE to mitigate this chemical reaction via the addition of a relay. The additional relay will be provided to ACCOMOVE 2 and ACCUMOVE 3 machines delivered before December 15, 2015 free of charge.