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The Lincoln Electric® FlexCut® 125 Plasma Cutter

125 Amp Mechanized Plasma Cutter Designed Specifically for Torchmate CNC Plasma Cutting Tables

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For the Ultimate in Air Plasma Cutting

The FlexCut 125 plasma cutter by Lincoln Electric is the industry’s first compressed air plasma cutter that is equipped with plasma marking. This feature alone makes buying an additional $2,000+ plate marking accessory obsolete. Users can mark their metal parts with part numbers or bend lines for streamlined communication between all departments. This is all done by simply turning the knob on the plasma cutter from plasma cutting to plasma marking. 

Long Lasting, Cheaper Consumables

The FlexCut patented consumable design lasts up to 3x longer than the competition and comes in at a price that is 45% lower than the competition. This makes the FlexCut 125 the clear choice for a business looking to maximize their return on investment.

Plasma Cutting Applications 

Customers involved in structural steel fabrication, pipe cutting, ship building, or metal plate cutting in any capacity will find the FlexCut 125 to be a metal cutting power house. It is a powerful mechanized plasma cutter that will outlast even your toughest jobs. It has a 100% duty cycle at every amperage and patent-pending consumables that exceed life cycles beyond 800 pierces. This plasma cutter has been engineered for the business with the demand for a metal cutting tool that exceeds their expectations. It’s an industrial plasma cutter that was built to extend consumable life, increase efficiency, and enable our customers with a built in plasma marking system. 

3-Phase Power Required 

The FlexCut 125 is an industrial-grade plasma cutter that draws input power from a 3-phase outlet. It has been designed for the fab shop or business that is equipped to handle industrial metal cutting demands. This power source gives us the ability to sever up to 2 3/8” mild steel, with a suggested production cutting capacity of one inch mild steel plate. The FlexCut 125 cuts 1/4” mild steel at over 200 ipm! This kind of cutting capacity walks the line between the high definition plasma cutting industry and the conventional plasma cutting industry. The FlexCut 125 is especially designed for the Torchmate 4400 and Torchmate 4800 fully assembled CNC plasma cutting machines.

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