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Torchmate XHD 5x10 with Spirit® II 150 Plasma Cutting System

Torchmate X HD Spirit II
Lincoln Electric Cutting Systems introduces the Torchmate XHD 5x10 Spirit II 150 Cutting System featuring FineLine™ high definition plasma cutting technology. The robust, automated industrial cutting system is a fraction of the cost associated with CNC cutting machines of this caliber.

The Torchmate XHD 5x10 Spirit II 150 package includes:
•    Plasma Controller with touch-screen display HMI for automatic PC controlled gas and amperage variables and plasma torch parameters by material type and thickness 
•    INOVA™ Torch Height Control with pneumatic safety switch for crash protection 
•    5’x10’ cutting area 
•    Complete water table with adjustable water height
•    Steel Fabricated HD gantry with dual X-axis drive
•    Torchmate CAD/CAM and Torchmate driver software
•    Complete stepper motor electronics 380 oz in
•    Low backlash gearboxes 5:1
•    DELL™ desktop computer mounted with Burny Kaliburn Plasma Console
•    Complete in-house testing prior to shipment
•    Unlimited Free technical support by the industry leader
•    Three days of set up and training

The Impulse Start Technology™ of the XHD eliminates high frequency noise often associated with CNC Plasma cutting. The Spirit II cut edge quality delivers precise, square, dross-free cuts with 2° or less cut-edge bevel exceeding ISO Standards. Using up to 78% less plasma gas than the competition, the system also offers extraordinary consumable life using Hafnium Optimizing Technology (Hf0T™) and EnduraX™ Silver Electrode to lower operating costs. The system has a separate gas control for plasma cutting and marking through the CNC output, serial link or manual selection. The marking operation results in an instantaneous cut and marking change operation.

• Automatic and manual gas consoles are available

• Fast proportional gas valve regulation

• On-board CAN to CAN communications enable single wire set up

• Multi-Tap Transformer and Common Chopper Platform are standard on all systems

• 3 year warranty on power supply, 1 year on original torch

This package can support expanded table dimensions and 275 amperage and 400 amperage power supplies. Please call our Torchmate sales teams for pricing and information of additional sizing and power options at (775) 673-2200.
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