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Torchmate® CAD 9


Torchmate® CAD 9 is the latest software update offered by Lincoln Electric® Cutting Systems. It brings the release of three brand new features: Open Objects Wizard, the Slice Tool, and a preloaded 89-part shape library.

  • New ‘Open Objects Wizard’ which helps identify and correct improperly designed shapes. This significantly simplifying the process of importing DXFs from other CAD systems or importing pictures to be converted to drawings.
  • The Slice Tool provides a much easier method of dividing shapes. It can cut shapes in both calculated and custom ways, opening up its uses to both the artist, and the part fabricator.
  • The 89 parts in the shape library range from basic rectangles, to complex circular flanges, and includes a full spectrum of highly useful and time-saving designs. Load them directly into a job file to be cut and sold, or customize the shapes for more advanced applications.

CAD 9 also includes a long list of enhancements that further simplify the user interface. These updates are available now, and will come standard on our latest software packages. Call our parts department at (775)-673-2200 to build a quote today! 

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