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Important Safety Notice

plasma aluminum safety noticeExplosion hazard caused by the hydrogen gas that can accumulate when using a plasma cutter to cut aluminum on a water table. Have each of your operators who is using the affected models review this Notice.  Also, attach a copy of the Notice to the instruction manuals for each affected model.

When a plasma cutter is used to cut aluminum on a water table, a chemical reaction between the aluminum dust and the water generates significantly more hydrogen gas than occurs with other metals. If the gas is free to dissipate, the hydrogen does not accumulate and create a hazardous situation. Our manuals remind users of this hazard—for example, in the following warning:

Hydrogen gas may be formed and trapped under aluminum work pieces when they are cut underwater or while using a water table. DO NOT cut aluminum alloys underwater or on a water table unless the hydrogen gas can be eliminated or dissipated. Trapped hydrogen gas that is ignited will cause an explosion.

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