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ACCUMOVE® Curriculum Available For Sale

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Lincoln Electric® Cutting Systems has released an updated Torchmate® curriculum that is now available for purchase. This latest version comes with ACCUMOVE® specific instruction and updated end-of-chapter quizzes. These updates will ensure that students are receiving the latest education in the ever-changing CNC plasma cutting industry. 

The chapters in our previous version of curriculum that went over Torchmate CAD/CAM still remain, yet have been updated with the latest tools like the Ginsu knife. Screenshots of the Visual Machine Designer user interface give students a great visual to better find the latest ACCUMOVE features like the shape library, job set up menu, nesting, and many others. Students will still receive the benefit of learning the entire sequence of operations from designing to cutting. 

Digital torch height control and arc-voltage are gone over in great detail, helping to better explain the impact that they have on the quality of parts that are coming off of the plasma table. Other automated plasma process variables like: amperage, travel speed, torch height, torch travel direction, consumables, compressed air, material type, and many others are emphasized and explained. These factors are timeless lessons to learn when operating a CNC plasma cutting table. 

Students and operators will find that the ACCUMOVE curriculum can take their CNC plasma education to the next level. Teachers will finally have a resource that brings this technology into the classroom. And employers will find better qualified employees coming out of your school. This curriculum has the power to eradicate the previous method of teaching through “tribal knowledge” and will finally give the education sector an industry standard for effective CNC plasma cutting education. 

Please click here for additional information on our curriculum. Click on the sample download image below to take a look!