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Set Screw Tightness

Why is my table cutting like this?

plasma hole

And my bolt hole quality looks like this?

plasma hole

Chances are that on your table there is a loose set screw.  Set screws are used to hold a gear/pulley in place to the shaft so when the torque of the motor spins it is transferred to the pulleys or coupler to the gear rack.  If one of these screws becomes loose over time cutting irregularities such as in the above photos will appear. 

Preventing set screws from backing out on a regular basis remove the set screws and apply a blue mild loctite and reinsert to make contact to the shaft.  Checking all set screws from time to time is part of the regular maintenance that is needed to be done in order to keep your table production ready at all times. 


Set Screw Locations on all Torchmate Tables

Torchmate 1:   Total Set Screws 8 with driveshaft 6 without.

Torchmate 1 Screws

Torchmate 2:   Total Set Screws 10 with driveshaft.

Torchmate 2 Screws

Torchmate 3: Direct Drive System 9 Total Set Screws

Torchmate 3 Screws

Torchmate X: Series tables 9 Total Set Screws

Torchmate X Screws

Torchmate Growth Series: 2x2 10 accessible set screws.

Torchmate 2x2 Screws

Torchmate Growth Series: 2x4 & 4x4 14 accessible set screws

Torchmate Growth Series Screws

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