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Serial Port Signal Generator Malfunctions

Prompted by an error message from the Torchmate driver, the signal generator connection is void or unable to be located.

To fix the problem try;

Turning off the signal Generator and hardware driver in this order. Then turn on the hardware driver, signal generator, and try to go online by switching the controller function in the Torchmate driver software. If the error message still reads, check your serial ports and plugs, fuses in the signal generator, and power supply. 

If the power is on and lights can be seen on the signal generator, configuration may be necessary. Check the configuration settings for motor signals and see what is listed in the right boxes. Step pulse should be @ 15, and the Enable signal should be on High. 

If the motors turn in reverse of the intended direction you may change the polarity of the X, Y, and Z axis by simply changing polarity from negative to positive, or visa versa. 

If nothing happens when you jog Y+ or Y- for example, the driver may be blown and will need to be replaced. Check with Sales Mgr. for pricing information. Send driver installation directions if necessary. Check wires for crimps, breaks, exposed wires, or be sure that the male + female connections are in good working order.

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