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Manual Plasma Cutting Techniques

  • Align you torch so that it is directly over the edge of the material, and on line with the amount of material you wish to cut.
  • Turn plasma torch on.
  • Set the torch to Manual cutting.
  • On the main screen of your driver software, click on the Aux or auxiliary button.
  • Click on the button for Plasma OFF, which will turn the torch ON. You will see a prompt for the safety concerns, press OK to continue.
  • The Plasma ON button will turn yellow, signifying that the torch is engaged.
  • While torch head is moving toward the material, quickly switch to the JOG button and press it to open. Be sure to run the Jog at the Medium speed.
  • Jog the machine along the intended cutting direction by pressing the button for X+ or X-, or for Y+ or Y-.
  • At the end of the cut, click back on AUX, and then click on Plasma ON to turn the torch to the OFF position.
  • Move to a new position for cutting by using the Jog or Point buttons.
  • Turn torch OFF at the end of your cutting.

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