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Understanding Torchmate Driver Version 2

This file contains a brief synopsis of the features and tools available in the Torchmate driver software. Below is the main screen page you will see upon opening the program, either in Online or Offline mode. Toward the top you the screen you will find the Menus available; File, Configuration, Controller, View, Coordinates, and Help. The graph area will show your dxf/fgc image in the scale and program zero location you specify. On the upper right side, you will find the Program Coordinates, Relative Coordinates, Machine, and Distance To Go windows. In the lower left corner, a blank window is shown, once you have imported a dxf file, and it is converted into a fgc file, the G-code associated with this file will be displayed in this window. The bottom right corner, shows the five screens available, the Status Bar (Offline), the Jump to Line feature, the Program Run Time/ To Go, the Program Feedrate Override, and the Operations Tabs for Start, Restart, Step, Continuous, and Feed Hold. 

This is the Jog screen. In the lower right corner you will notice the jog button for the X and Y axis, the Motor speed switches, and Step Movement configuration. 

This is the Point screen. The options associated with this screen are the available point moves and control features. To move the gantry in two axis at a time, select Any point, Incremental, then enter 8.500 for X and 6.500 for Y, then click Move. The gantry should move to those two coordinates. To move the opposite direction enter -8.500 for X and -6.500 for Y, this should return you to the home position. You can also try X+ & Y- or X- & Y+. 

This is the home screen, which allows you to seek the home position. 

This is the AUXillary screen, which allows manual control of the plasma torch. Click the button for Plasma On, It will turn Yellow when the torch is engaged. Click this button again to turn the torch Off. 

This is the Import Configuration screen. Here you can adjust the scale of your image, set the federate for the cutting operation, and set your Program Zero location. Your screen should look similar to the page below. 

Optimize Path is used only for cutting operations that do not rely upon electric conductivity, thus may only be utilized for routing or engraving applications. 

For more information, please refer to the Torchmate 2.09 configuration page, or Contact Tech Support.

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