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Program Zero in Version 2 of the Torchmate Driver Software

Program Zero Troubleshooting

There are two methods for establishing your Program Zero Location, X / Y of Import file, and Lower Left of Toolpath. 

The X, Y of Import file option is used when you want to offset the G-code file from the edge of the material to a position where it is a specified distance from the X or Y zero axis coordinate. 

The Lower Left of Toolpath option is used to set the G-code file as close to the zero X and Y axis as possible. This will allow you to jog the gantry to any location on the table, zero out the program coordinates, and have this position become the new Home position. 

If you have imported the dxf file, used Lower Left of Tool Path in the Program Zero setup, and the image to be cut is still quite a distance away from Zero X & Y, check the Configuration for Import. Make sure that the Lower Left of Tool Path is also being used, and if it is not, then change it and save setup. This should take care of the problem.

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