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Jump to Line in Version 2 of the Torchmate Driver Software

Re-Cutting with Jump to Line

You start with a fairly complex program, everything is set and you are ready to go. You start the program, and the cutting process is going smoothly. 

You turn your attention way from the machine for a second, and when you return to it, you notice an area where the torch did not fire, or the program moved before the ignition so that a part is not fully cut. Luckily, there is a feature built in to this program which allows you to go back and correct mistakes like these. 

Stop the program immediately, either by using the Feed Hold button, or by pressing any key on your keyboard. Once the program has stopped, write down the position that you stopped the program, as you will need this later. In this example, the position line is #1530 (N15260 G00 X6.6227 Y4.6262). Carefully examine the area that was to be cut, and physically measure the distances from the zero X and Y axis to the point where the torch should have started, which will be used as a reference point for finding the position line of the G-code. By measuring the distances from zero X and Y, you ascertain that the approximate position to be about 12 inches from zero X and 4.5 inches from zero Y. 

Now we need to look back in the G-code for a line position that is close to these points. Click on the button Jump to Line, located just below the G-code button, in the lower right area of the main screen. When you successfully press the button, the G-code screen will change to a light blue color, as seen above and below. 

Scroll backwards through the line of code to find a position that is close to the distances you measured. Once you have located something similar, select it, and then press the Go button. When the window below appears, choose the speed at which to move to the new position either Rapid (Very Fast) or Feedrate (50.0 inches per minute). 

Press Move Now to start the movement. You will notice a heavy blue line moving toward the new position in the program. 

Once the movement has stopped, check to see if the new position is exactly where you wan the torch to be. If it is not in the exact position, follow the previous procedure to locate a new set of coordinates, and then move to that location. For this exercise we will assume that we are in the proper location. 

Press the Start button to begin the cutting sequence from the new position. The program will automatically remake cuts getting back to the point where we stopped, and then continuing though the rest of the program.

If you wish to stop the program after re-making the missed cut, press the Jump to Line button, and scroll forward to the position where we originally stopped the program (#1530), press Go, and then Move now, to re-start the program from where we originally left off. Press Start, and continue to the end of the program. 

I hope this walkthrough has successfully shown you how to use the Jump to Line feature, please call Tech Support if you have any further questions.

>> Printable PDF with Screen Shots