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Continuous Contouring in Version 2 of the Driver Software

This window shows the adjustments that been made to the Feedrate / Ramping Setup page in regard to the Continuous Contouring settings. 

As you can see the Start /Stop Feedrate has been altered from the default setting of 70/min. The reason for this is to allow the motors to gradually build up to the speed of movement you have preset at import.

If for example you are running your machine at 100/min, the movement at the start is going to try to accelerate from zero to 100 in a second. Not only is this hard on your drive motors, but may also effect your cut path.

Changing the setting to 25/min, for example allows the first move to be slower, and then will accelerate to your imported feedrate. You should notice a smoother outcome in your cuts. The Continuous Contouring feedrate is set at 70/min, which is the default setting, this allows the motors to slow to this speed when making direction changes, then speed back to your imported feedrate setting. This works similarly to driving an automobile around a sharp corner, slow in and accelerate out. If you are running at a higher feedrate speed than the continuous contouring setting you will see this effect, however if you are running at or below the contouring setting, the motors will not slow down at any direction change. The default setting will be ok when cutting thin material of 14 gauge or thinner, conversely when you are cutting thicker material you may want to adjust this setting to accommodate the slower cutting feedrate.

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