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Torchmate Dongle Drivers for Purple/Red HASP Dongle


Your Torchmate dongle is a piece of hardware that attaches to your computer and allows Torchmate CAD/CAM to run. The device does not contain the software in its entirety, but rather it is an electronic key that unlocks the program on your computer.

If you have lost or damaged the Torchmate dongle please contact Torchmate Support

Toll Free 866 571-1066 extension 4

775-673-2200 extension 4

7:30 am - 4:00pm Pacific Time

Monday- Friday

If you are encountering an Error Locating Security Device (Error 1, and 4254967295) please remove your purple dongle from the computer, download and install the file below, and then re-insert the purple dongle.  This will reinstall the device drivers for the purple dongle and allow you access to Torchmate CAD.  If this does not resolve your issue, please contact Customer Service & Support at the contact information below. Download Torchmate Dongle Driver Installation Here

Click here to download the dongle utility. This utility will identify any dongles plugged into the computer.

Installing a New-Different Dongle - Download the instructions on how to install a new dongle here.