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Marine Manufacturing | Dirk Sievers

You Are Only Limited By Your Imagination

In 2010 Dirk Sievers of Puerto Ayora, Galapagos, Ecuador needed to find a way to cut down costs and decrease production time for the portholes that needed to be cut out of a yacht, one of the means of transportation provided for local tourists that requires regularly produced parts and maintenance. The Reina Silvia is a first class yacht in Galapagos that provides tourists with a relaxing way to discover the local islands.

Sievers used an entry-level Torchmate 2x2 Growth Series to cut out the portholes. Since then the portable system has lived in the shop of Pacific Marine Enterprises and has provided a cost effective way of cutting out parts and pieces, flanges for exhaust pipes and replacing an entire exhaust system that would not have been feasible otherwise.

 Torchmate 2x2

Making the tourists’ experience as comfortable as possible inspired Sievers’ most recent project. When the snorklers would return to the inflatable boat after enjoying a personal view of the local marine life he needed a practical way to board the swimmers back in to the boat as easily as possible. “The design of these new ladders took a week to get all the angles right and ensure they would be secure with a tight fit. It then only took two days to build one. It would have taken much longer without the Torchmate,” said Sievers. His vision supports the idea that you are only limited by your imagination.

Enjoy the pictures below that show the process of this Design Cut Build project.

 Marine ladder

inflatable boat ladder

boat cnc parts

CNC plasma cutting boat parts

Pacific Marine Enterprises

Torchmate CNC

Marine manufacturing

Galapados Marine Tourism boat

Manufacturing boat parts

Sievers recently upgraded to the BobCad-Cam 3d routing and milling software to allow for more opportunities to create custom designs and support the needs in the shop including cutting nylon, which has presented a more challenging cutting process for him.

Sievers has rarely found the need for technical support, however when he has given the Torchmate technical support team a call he has been served with excellent customer service. “Keith is great!” The company’s expectations for 2015 include utilizing the Growth Series opportunity to upgrade to the Torchmate 2x4 to be able to cut larger pieces more easily.

“It’s a fantastic machine, quickly paid for itself and has saved us a lot of time and money.”