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Growth Series 2x2 | Paul Jahn's Rock Bouncer

Torchmate 2x2 | Small Table, Big Build

Paul Jahn of Sagle, Idaho was looking for a unique custom built vehicle that suited his specific needs for off road competition in the dense woods of the North West. Jahn used an entry-level Torchmate 2x2 with Torchmate CAD Lite. He designed and cut all the plate steel brackets and tabs for his build, as well as the Beadlock wheels and differential covers. His Jahn Fabrication custom-built DTP chassis took about two and a half years to build working as time and funding allowed. The extensive tube bending on the project was assisted with the use of Bend-Tech software. Plasma cutting was accomplished with a Lincoln Electric 625, and the entire project was MIG welded together.


 GM Drivetrain Keeps Costs Down

The vehicle features a GM 383 stroker small block with Fast fuel injection mated to a Turbo 350 and 203 | 205 stacked transfer case assembly. 16” ORI Suspension keeps the Dana 60 and GM 14 Bolt axles in control, while the 39.5 Super Swamper tires are seeking traction.  The project represents Jahn’s vision and utilizes readily available parts. In the past Jahn modified production based vehicles for his rock crawling and trail riding duties, but always felt he was compromising performance.


 The Growing DIY North West Rocksports Culture

Jahn participated in the Spokane Washington Man Festival earlier this year and has plans to compete in the Hard Rock Havoc competition next year, north of Sandpoint, Idaho. The Purcell Ranch will host a number of events geared toward Jahn’s creation and he hopes to see interest continue to grow in the North West. “I have had great luck with my Torchmate and the Tech Support team” Jahn reports. We are sure Jahn will be able to tackle any obstacle in his path with this custom vehicle and the right tools.