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Using the Array and Badges Features

For applications that require creating multiple copies of the same part Torchmate CAD/CAM has two main tools, Array and Badges, both are accessed through the Layout menu.  Array begins creating duplicates based on where the part currently is.  The array toolbar uses a pull down menu to select which type of array the CAD/CAM will create. 

The array menu 

Grid, Vertical, Staggered, or Horizontal all work on the same principle.  The tool options allow for spacing along each axis as well as how many copies are desired. 

On Arc arrays specify how many copies and a distance from the center, the parts are then arranged equally around the original part equally spaced. 

On Arc with Rotation creates the duplicates around the original equally spaced as the ‘On Arc’ does, but it will also ensure that the part’s base is facing toward the center. 

Badges is similar to array but designed specifically to fill a sheet.  The Badge Setup window allows the parameters to be set.  On the upper right of the window the number of copies that can fit on the sheet with the current settings. 

Badge setup menu 

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