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Creating Basic Tool Paths

To create a tool path go to Machine > Create Tool Path > Male

Create Tool Path Menu 

For this simple part the only changes to be made are under the Lead In/Out tab.  Create a lead in by specifying a length and angle.  Then press OK to create the tool path.    

The screen now has two objects on it, the original part drawing and the tool path.  The original drawing is no longer needed and needs to be removed.  

An original drawing with a tool path 

To eliminate the original drawing go to View > Show Tool Paths and ensure that it is unchecked. 

The only object visible now is the original object.  Select the object and press Delete the screen will be blank now.  Go back to View > Show Tool Paths.  The only remaining object is the tool path, this part is now ready to export to be cut. 

Tool path ready to cut 

>> Printable PDF with Screen Shots