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Using Machine Tool in Version 5

Machine Tool – Output Tool Path

Machine Menu, Plotter setup, your page should look like this. Machine Limits should be to parameters of your material size or image output. 

Click on Set Path to specify location of folder you are saving to. Be sure that the extension is dxf, click OK. 

Machine menu, Output, under options select Sort. 

On the Sort page select Nearest Sort, OK 

Tool Path Options, Tool Paths, select Output Tool Paths, OK. If Also Output Contour Paths is checked it may cause the Output to send both the tool path and the original image together as one file to the specified folder. This can cause double cut errors. 

Sort Tool Paths, 1=Nearest, 2=Current, click OK 

Set Tiles refers to the size of your image in relation to your material sheet size. If the Tiles dialog displays 2 x 1, consider changing the size of your material sheet so that only one tile is utilized. If it is 1 x 1, click OK. 

Because you previously specified the Output path, this screen allows you to name the file you are outputting to the folder. 

Open your Torchmate Driver software, File, Import DXF, Open, Save, Import Setup, process cutting operation.

>> Printable PDF with Screen Shots