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Text Welding Examples in Version 5

After typing out your letters, convert the text to a graphic image. 

In the example in the link below, I wanted to weld these letters together before making any other editing changes, so I selected each letter individually, and moved it in to position where is slightly overlapped the character next to it. 

Select just the area where you are going to perform the weld ( the T wasn’t part of the weld, therefore it was not selected). 

Using the Basic Weld ( tool on far left), 

I solidified the letters as seen in the PDF file below. 

Since I am going to cut these letters out from a solid border, I need to make editing adjustments to the letters so that the middles do not fall away, as I want as much of the characteristics of the letter to remain. To help with this I created two thin rectangles, which will be placed inside of each character. 

Select one rectangle, move it into position, and then rotate it so that it is close to the edge of the break you want to create. 

As you can see in the PDF file below, the rectangle overlaps the part to be cut, and also extends from the middle to the exterior of the character. 

Using the XOR Weld tool (Far right tool below), 

The tool made a clean break right where I needed it. You will delete each side of the excess rectangle after the XOR weld has been performed. 

The picture shows the clean break after deletion of the rectangle. 

This view is of the exposed nodes left behind. 

Select each node one at a time, and delete it, so that the smooth contour on the character remains. 

This view is of the area after node editing is complete. 

This view is of the text after the entire O character was edited. 

I used the same method to edit the E, as you can see from the following pages. 

Here is the final view after all editing is complete.

>> Printable PDF with Screen Shots