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Nesting Multiple Parts in Version 5

Eliminate Wasted Material With Nesting

  • Start with Importing a single file, and then check to be sure a Path is made upon it.
  • Select the object, go to the Layout Menu, and choose Array.
  • Using a method to configure the Array, (3 by 3) the group is created.
  • Once the Array has been performed on the first object, import a second object.
  • Make a path on the second object, and then array to 4 by 4.
  • Import the third object, check for Make Path, and perform a Array to 5 by 5.
  • Now, all three parts have been imported and arrayed.
  • Select all three groups by using the Select All tool, or by highlighting them all. Go to the Arrange Menu, and click on Nesting. Configure the Nesting window and push OK.

The Nesting process may take several minutes to complete the program, but should leave you with all three parts, nested in to one area of the material screen.

This walkthrough was simple in design for demonstration purposes, and your part’s size and shape may differ, but utilizing these same principals should yield similar results. If you have any further questions, please contact Tech Support.

>> Printable PDF with Screen Shots