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Kerf Compensation in Version 5

Depending on the amperage, voltage, and consumable tips you are using, the width of your cut, or Kerf, will be directly effected. If your image or part requires precise cutting, you may want to compensate for the width of the cut created.

In the Machine Menu, click on the option for Tool Library to open the window below. Select Plasma in the type of tool box. When this is done the Tool Parameters dialog changes to allow the user to change the settings for D1:. This refers to the kerf compensation. By taking an actual measurement of your cut width, either with calipers or a millimeter ruler, determine the diameter. By entering this figure in the D1: box, clicking on Change, then Ok, you will reset the kerf to this measurement for every tool path you create, until you reset it another time.(If the change button is greyed out, click once on the Turret box but do not make any changes, this should allow the change option to appear).

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