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Customizable Toolbar in Version 5

The Customizable Tool Palette is used to organize frequently used commands into shortcut tabs for quick access. While there are many shortcut tabs available, only a select few are designed to work exclusively with the Torchmate CAD/CAM.

The following is a list of the tools available in the Standard Torchmate CAD/CAM program.

  • New
  • Make Path
  • Select All
  • Open
  • Break Path
  • Select None
  • Save
  • Edit Path
  • Show Rulers
  • Import
  • Edit Tool Path
  • Material Size
  • Export
  • Delete Tool Path
  • Close Graphics
  • Undo
  • Show Tool Paths
  • Show Grid
  • Redo
  • Show Tool Paths Only
  • Show Grid as Lines
  • Exit
  • Render to Bitmap
  • Snap to Grid
  • Print
  • Convert to Curves
  • Inverse Select
  • Array
  • Text to Graphics
  • Rotate
  • Calculator

In the Pro Text Compose Module, these tools are also available.

  • Fit Text to Graphics
  • Fit Text to Path
  • Fit Object to Path


To add or delete shortcut tabs, right click on the palette to open the Customize Toolbar window, select an option, and then move it to or from the current toolbar as seen below.

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