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Basic Welding Tactics in Torchmate CAD/CAM Version 5

The welding feature allows you to incorporate multiple images into one object. As easy as this may sound there are some specific guidelines, which must be followed in order for this function to work properly.

Let’s say that you want to have a Bee shape inside a round border for display. It is important that you specifically tell the computer exactly what it is you are trying to achieve, therefore the following steps will help to guide you and your computer through this process. 

  • Draw a circle, or the outside shape of your border.
  • Draw another circle, or the inside shape of your border.
  • Position the two circles so that they are symmetrical to each other (Pro –Scale).
  • Using your select tool, Left click and drag a blue colored box around both circles so that both images are highlighted, and release.
  • The images are now surrounded by nine smaller boxes showing you what is “Highlighted” or selected.
  • With your image selected, go to the Arrange Menu, and click on Make Path. This feature tells the computer that the two circles are to be seen as one image, a ring.
  • Now import your Bee image from your folder. This image should be in a bitmap or bmp format.
  • Select the imported image, and utilize the Accuscan feature to draw a traced line image from your original bitmap image. While the Accuscan is processing your traced line, you should see a slight border form around the imported image.
  • When the Accuscan is finished, click outside the area, then click somewhere on the original image, and drag the center square of the highlighted boxes off to the right or left of the original. You should now see a solid image (your original) and a traced line image (your new image). Select the original image and delete.
  • Drag a box around the new image to select it, and make path on that as well. This tells the computer that this is to be seen as one image also.
  • You may now reposition the imported image inside the previous border ring. Make sure that a small portion of the interior object overlaps the inside border of the ring. This is done so that when the weld tool is used, it will attach the inside to the outside at these junctions.
  • Once you are satisfied with your positioning, drag a box around the entire image (Border + import), go to the weld tool, and select Basic Weld.
  • The image should now change to one image with the interior and exterior shapes all meshed together. To check the outcome of your results, click on the Fill Tab (paint can under the View Menu) and the shaded area will reveal the solid shape being cut out from your material.
  • Turn off you fill, select object, go to Machine Menu, create tool path, and choose a male tool path. Step through the basic cut and lead in tabs, and select okay. Turn off the show tool paths option in the View menu, delete original, turn show tool paths back on, and export to a floppy disk or to a folder for importation to the Torchmate Driver software. Cut it out!