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How To Choose

Choosing the right Torchmate CNC machine does not need to be a daunting task.  Lincoln Electric Cutting Systems is here to help you identify the right machine for your needs. Our wide selection of sizes, models, and available options means we have a machine for almost every budget, type of material, and size imaginable.

Let our friendly sales staff help you build a complete solution or assemble a kit to get you started down the path of CNC shape cutting. To begin we have put together a few options in the groups below. This is just a small selection of our machines, and we encourage you to contact us to help you refine your purchase. 


We are here to help, call now and let us help you choose the right machine for the job.        (775) 673-2200

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The machines students will see in the classroom use the same software and operating system as industrial applications.

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Built on over 100 years of welding expertise Lincoln Electric Cutting Systems has the competencies to support your cutting needs.

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 Now you can build your own automated business with the piece of mind of having Lincoln Electric as your partner.

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One of our most dynamic tools is our 3d routing option. Limited only by your imagination, 3d routing allows work in almost any medium you choose.

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Since 1979 Torchmate CNC has been providing craftsman with the tools to revolutionize their business.

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 Lincoln Electric Cutting Systems can empower your designers to increase productivity and inspire innovation.

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CNC shape cutting will unleash a whole new world of options when it comes to creating your masterpiece.

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We realize that if our customers can fabricate the heavy part of the machines themselves, then that can translate into real savings.

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