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Torchmate University - Video 15 - Using the Custom Parts Library on your CNC Plasma Cutting Table 

The custom parts library has almost 90 parts that can all be programmed to fit your unique application. They range from simple rectangles to complex pulleys and lifted arc trapezoids. Each one of these parts can be programmed with the dimensions that your application requires. This can save on design time and get you back to production.

The video demonstrates the power of customization in the parts library with a simple rectangle. A nearly infinite amount of parts can come from this parts library. That can be a powerful tool in the workplace, especially when combined with the 28 parts that are already programmed in the ACCUMOVE VMD user interface.

The custom parts library also allows the designer to duplicate the part and array it in the sheet. Simply program the spacing between each part and tell the program how many parts you would like it to cut out. It’s as easy as that! Although this tool is hidden in the Layout tab, it can be a powerful instrument for many of our custom automotive part manufacturing customers. The parts available in the custom parts library are very common in automotive industry and are great to have on hand.