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Visual Machine Designer

  • Overview

    VMD Simplifies the Complexity

    Visual Machine Designer (VMD) is the human-machine interface (HMI) to all ACCUMOVE® CNC controllers. Its user-friendly design and appealing layout is very easy to learn, and is compatible with most tablets and touch-screen computers. Operators will be impressed with the increased amount of control that the new proprietary software allows. A complex set of new features has been installed directly into the controller to simplify the cutting process.

    New Features:

    • Array Creation- is a CAD feature that has been brought directly into the controller. Users are now able to manipulate CAD files and create variable size arrays all in one display.
    • Plate Alignment- simplifies material loading, especially when dealing with thicker metal sheets. No matter what the material’s orientation is, the ACCUMOVE controller can read its parameters, and adjust the design accordingly.
    • Multi-tasking- allows you to execute job files as you draw new ones, letting the table run independently of whatever it is you are drawing.
    • 28 Part Shape Library- comes preloaded onto the software, and includes a set of adjustable shapes from basic rectangles, to complex circular flanges.
    • Job Queue- prioritizes job files in a sequential order. It can schedule your table to run all day long if you need it to.

    These features add to the ACCUMOVE controller’s ability to communicate machine instructions to the Torchmate® table. This update also gives operators more control over the CAD files, and allows them to cut job files independently from where they design.

    Visual Machine Designer is the ultimate machine management tool, and has made CNC plasma cutting easier than ever to learn.