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Torchmate Clip Art and Professional Text Compose Module

  • Overview

    This add-on module includes a variety of over 4,000 images for both metal and woodworking as well as over 1,300 different fonts that are in addition to the TrueType fonts included with your Torchmate CAD. There are hundreds and hundred of silhouette images that are suitable for plasma and oxy-fuel cutting, as well as hundreds and hundreds of sign images that lend themselves to woodworking, plastic, etc. This package can only be used in conjunction with our Torchmate CAD software as it is necessary for converting the images to .dxf format.

    This package includes a digital download of a 248 page printable PDF directory of images and fonts as well as the ability to arc text and fit text to a path as shown here.

    Torchmate ClipArt










    Below are samples of clip art shapes included in your package.
    Torchmate ClipArt