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From Nursing to a Skillful Metal Fabricator - Growing With a Torchmate® Plasma Table  

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Wolfe Kustoms - Transforming a Career With Torchmate

Wolfe Kustoms is a multifaceted metal fabrication and welding business. Wolfe Kustoms is located just south of Joplin, Missouri. It is a husband and wife owned business that has been continuously growing and improving its capabilities. Owners, Micah Wolfe-Parsons and her husband, Jimmy Parsons, have obtained the skills and knowledge to create high quality and truly unique metal fabrications. Wolfe Kustom’s specialty is building radical custom cars and car parts. However, they also create metal art and sculpture projects. Micah grew up around cars, fabrication and welding so she has always had a passion for the industry. For much of her life, she was headed towards a different path.

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She obtained her bachelor of science in Nursing at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Later in life, she refocused on fabrication and founded Wolfe Kustoms. Micah and Jimmy began building custom cars and car parts. “Nearly five years ago, we dreamed of owning a Torchmate® CNC table to further our capabilities and efficiency. Last year in 2021, we pulled the trigger and made our dream a reality by purchasing a Torchmate 4510,” Micah said. The table now resides in their new shop they built just over two years ago. Wolfe Kustoms continues to grow and expand its offerings.


Wolfe Kustoms Learned How to Operate a Torchmate Entirely from Online Torchmate Training Videos

Before purchasing a Torchmate table, Micah had no background experience operating a CNC table. To complete projects, Wolfe Kustoms was using a handheld plasma cutter as well as outsourcing certain parts. When they first purchased the Torchmate, Micah was nervous about learning how to operate the machine.

Micah said, “The first couple of weeks I was freaking out. I regrouped and began watching Torchmate’s online training videos. I took a different approach at learning how to use the table. I took screenshots from the video tutorials and pasted them into a Word document to build my own manual.

Torchmate has a great community, which allowed me to find other Torchmate users on YouTube to learn further.” Now, Micah is very skilled at operating the Torchmate table and uses the machine four to five days per week. Wolfe Kustoms is now able to finish projects efficiently and with ease.

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With the help of their Torchmate, the business can fabricate parts for custom vehicle builds that are gaining Wolfe Kustoms
national recognition.

Volkswagen recently did a photoshoot of a custom VW that Wolfe Kustoms built. The car was included in an issue of Hot VW Magazine. Micah and Jimmy are now working on a custom 2000 model Humvee (HMMWV) build that they also expect to gain a lot of attention. “Whenever I need a custom part made for our vehicles, I can open Torchmate CAD and quickly design and cut the part. The sky is the limit,” Micah said. Wolfe Kustoms also uses the Torchmate to fabricate custom metal art. The flower nameplate shown in a photo included in this story is one example of their work. They have the ability to complete many other types of jobs if they so choose.

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Torchmate Customer Service Provides Confidence

“Torchmate customer service always treats me right. One of the main reasons we chose to purchase a Torchmate over other brands was because of their customer service. I have called Torchmate’s technical support and it was a great experience. They overnighted me a new torch and threw in a care package of consumables. Recently, we had a Torchmate technical support representative come to our facility to help with the machine. After fixing our issue, he spent the rest of the day teaching us new techniques. I say you get what you pay for and this type of service is second to none. Another reason we chose Torchmate is because the machine is single sourced. Lincoln Electric® makes the software, plasma cutter, CNC table and everything else. CNC machines are a large investment so make sure you buy something you KNOW will work,” Micah explained to us.

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Check out Wolfe Kustoms or Micah’s personal Facebook Pages. On their page, Wolfe Kustoms displays a wide variety of quality metal fabrications. Additionally, Micah and Jimmy post many helpful and entertaining videos showing their custom car builds and other metal fabrications. For more information or to inquiry about a project, please visit Micah’s Facebook page or the Wolfe Kustom’s Facebook page.

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