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How Wolf Robotics is Using Their Torchmate Table to Quickly Start Cutting Parts

No More Outsourcing Parts

Located in Fort Collins, Colorado, Wolf Robotics specializes in automating American industry by designing, assembling and delivering robotic welding systems. It is striving to provide a one-stop shop for not only robotic system build and design, but custom fixturing, welding expertise, consulting, programming services and even launch support in the factory. Wolf Robotics began in 1944 and is constantly evolving and improving efficiency. One area that it was looking to improve on was adding more cutting, welding and machining capability into its operation. The company made the decision to purchase a Torchmate table to eliminate design issues and part quality issues from outsourced suppliers.

Quick & Easy Installation

Andy Geisler, the Assembly and Maintenance Supervisor at Wolf Robotics, shared his early post-purchase experience with the machine.

“We received it in less than a week after we placed the order and set it up in just a couple hours. We've had great luck with the simplicity of the machine in the setup and we've been cutting parts for a couple days now. It's great! It's super clean, it’s sleek, it’s small, and it's easy to hook up and run. We also had really good experiences with the HMI and setting up the program.”


Simple to Learn

The transition has been smooth and effortless for Wolf Robotics. At first, Andy had his concerns about learning the machine and how the cut quality would be, but after only a few days of operating the Torchmate, any and all doubts had been wiped clean.

“The quality of the cut, the speed of the cut, it's faster than we expected. We've been very happy with what we received so far. I think the thing that's excited us the most is the ease of going through the training classes. Torchmate University has been great because you see what you want to do then you select a video that helps you the most and you go through the video step-by-step. You can pause it and work through the machine at the same time. We literally had Torchmate University running right next to the Torchmate 4400 so that we could walk through all the steps as we were watching them on the video and it helped us get exactly what we were looking for. The cut quality performance and basic use of the machine has been so great.”

Improved Efficiency and Cost Savings

The company now uses the machine with ease. It utilizes the Torchmate 4400 to quickly design parts for prototyping and last-minute cutting projects. Wolf Robotics was yet another business that significantly benefitted by making the leap to decrease the amount of parts it outsourced. The machine has paid off tenfold as it usually does for anyone wanting to make parts in house.


The 2020 Torchmate 4400 and 4800 Model Information and Updates!

The 2020 models of the Torchmate 4400 (4x4) and 4800 (4x8) CNC plasma cutting tables bring you a refreshed and enhanced machine delivering you the most desired new features from customers and making the machine easier than ever to operate! New touchscreen improvements allow you to simply enter the material type and thickness and your cut settings will be set automatically! This will ensure you are always cutting at the right settings and you won't have to worry about finding the cut charts online or in your manual.

This also means that even a new operator can be confident that they are entering the correct cut settings for your new machine. There are a variety of other new touchscreen features that are now enabled, along with the now standard Laser Pointer attachment, and the all new Torchmate 4000 TC Pipe and Round Tube cutting attachment! Watch the video below for more details!

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