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Waukesha County Technical College (WCTC) Uses Their Torchmate Plasma Cutting Table to Prepare Students for New Careers  

Hundreds of Schools use Torchmate® in their Metal Fab Classes

Waukesha County Technical College (WCTC) is a leader in workforce development. It offers more than 150 areas of study, including associate degree, technical diploma, apprenticeship and short-term certificate programs. WCTC’s academic programs offer hands-on training that can be immediately applied in the workplace. Located in Waukesha and Pewaukee, Wisconsin, Waukesha County Technical College is a loyal partner and customer of Lincoln Electric®.

students-cutting-2At the beginning of the Fall semester, just less than one year ago, WCTC purchased a Torchmate 5100 equipped with a FineLine® 170HD. WCTC previously had Torchmate 2’x4’ Growth Series tables, but had the means to upgrade to Torchmate’s highest quality table and plasma cutter.

The Automated Cutting Processes program can now cut larger sheets of material and for longer periods of time. “The Torchmate 5100 achieves better cut quality, especially on thicker material. We easily cut half-inch aluminum and steel,” Bradley LeTourneau said. Brad is a metal fabrication and welding instructor at WCTC and was generous enough to talk with us about the college and how it uses the Torchmate table. During the Spring and Fall semesters, the students use the Torchmate 5100 around 20 hours each week. Students use the table to cut a variety of projects such as parts for the welding classes, components for their own projects, fire rings for fire pits, storage tool boxes for different classrooms, metal décor and even smoker barbecue grills. WCTC is one of hundreds of schools around the world that uses a Torchmate table as a means for educating students.



Learning how to Operate a Torchmate and Other Lincoln Electric Equipment Helps Students Land Jobs with Industry Giants

WCTC’s programs set students up for success in the workplace. Each program offers hands-on training that is needed in each respective industry. Students earn their degrees only after demonstrating a strong ability to perform such trainings.

The Torchmate 5100 is utilized in programs such as Automated Systems Technology (Robotics). More specifically, Automated Cutting Processes. Automated systems have become standard in many industries to provide reliable ways to program and control machine movements. In this program, WCTC teaches students about robotics and programmable logic controllers. Discover how automation principles apply to business/industry, and develop skills to work with complex computers and machinery in automated production lines, states. (Waukesha County Technical College, 2022)
Students who have completed the Automated Systems program have gained substantial knowledge and skills. By learning skills such as how to operate CNC plasma cutting machines like that of Torchmate tables; WCTC students have gone on to secure careers at prestigious companies. Brad told us about some of the Waukesha County Technical College students he knows that have received career positions in related fields after graduating. Five graduate students now work at Messer.

Messer has been a leading provider of industrial and medical gases for generations. Three of the graduates are application engineers; another has achieved the product manager position and the fifth student is now a software engineer. The education and experience they gained while at WCTC, allowed them to obtain high status careers in the industry.



Lincoln Electric® Helps WCTC and Many Other Schools

Lincoln Electric has partnered with many schools across the globe. Educating the youthful for generations to come is something the company holds true to heart. High school and college students are the future welders, engineers, fabricators and overall workforce of the world. Lincoln Electric works hard to get our equipment into as many schools as possible. We have helped WCTC acquire an arsenal of equipment such as: Torchmate 5100 with a FineLine 170HD, several Tomahawk 1000 manual plasma cutters, robot welding machines, Power Wave® Advanced Process welders, Flextec® welders, Precision TIG® welders, POWER MIG® welders and other parts and consumables.

After WCTC purchased the Torchmate 5100, one of our trainers went to the college to train educators how to operate the table. We know the importance of teaching educators how to use the machine. Students will learn much more quickly and easily from a proficient teacher.

Our loyalty and partnerships with many schools help build trust with the students when they go on to start their careers. Brad said he would absolutely recommend the Torchmate 5100 to other schools and businesses. After seeing what Lincoln Electric has done for WCTC, he has since purchased Lincoln Electric equipment for his personal use. “Lincoln Electric is a name that has been around for a long time. Lincoln Electric manufactures it all. The company has individually focused groups that perfect each product. They have done great for WCTC so I would absolutely recommend the Torchmate 5100,” Brad said.

Check out Waukesha County Technical College’s internet presence. On the school website, one can find more information about the school, details on the wide variety of programs offered, and learn about the surrounding community and much more. Additionally, WCTC posts videos to its YouTube channel with more information about its programs. There are also useful news articles and event updates posted on WCTC’s other social channels. To learn more about WCTC and the programs it offers or to apply for admission, please visit its YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Website pages.

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