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Lincoln Electric® Technology Increases Learning and Efficiency for UA Local Union 123 


The United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitter’s Local Union 123 is based out of west-central Florida, serving eleven counties and providing the finest training programs for their craftsman. The union’s programs have benefited tremendously from the additions of the MasterPipe® Compact Profiler and FlexCut 80®. Richard Cranker speaks out about just how much of an impact Lincoln Electric Technology has had on their programs.

Tru Wye 4


Training time and preparedness for the workforce is exceedingly important to UA Local Union. The unsurpassed training programs offered by UA Local Union paired with the time saving technology of Lincoln Electrics MasterPipe Compact Profiler results in the most highly trained craftsman in the field, whether it be for plumbing, pipefitting, HVAC, or pipe welding. “Our guys and gals who are preparing to take welding tests here and across the country have more time to practice and hone their welding skills since they no longer need to cut and bevel the coupons they are practicing on. Our welders are more prepared for the field, bottom line.”

Richard’s team uses their Master Pipe Compact Profiler to cut welding coupons to increase productivity and efficiency. Richard speaks on the benefits of the Master Pipe Compact Profiler in terms of his cutting needs, noting that before “ took us two days to cut 20 feet of 6 inch schedule 80 pipe into 4 inch coupons with a bevel on one side. Now, in that same amount of time, we can cut down 20 feet of 6 inch schedule 80, 40 feet of 2 inch schedule 80 and 40 feet of 2 inch schedule. As if that wasn’t enough, we can even cut and bevel all our Stainless and Chrome pipe as well.” 

2 inch XX weld coupons 3



The Master Pipe Compact Profiler is Lincoln Electric’s most economical profiler, with expansions that allow the machine to handle pipes and tubes up to 24 feet long and one to eight inch outside diameter pipe. Lincoln Electric offers fume extraction solutions to keep your workers and students safe, so that you can forge ahead without worrying about excessive fumes in your shop or classroom. With the highly intuitive software, in coordination with Lincoln Electric’s ACCUMOVE motion control technology, new users can begin to successfully cut their pipe soon after machine installation. With the ability to cut steel and stainless steel in addition to other materials, this machine is ready to handle a diverse workload, from cutting welding coupons to preparing fencing and handrails. With sharp cuts every time, the Master Pipe Compact Profiler is capable of a variety of cuts, including straight, saddle, tee, gusset, and elbow support. 

Stainless Steel 2


“We highly recommend the Masterpipe Compact Profiler to anyone in a fabrication shop or school environment.” For Richard’s union, the addition of the profiler to their repertoire has proved invaluable, and contractors and local technical schools have begun looking into the Master Pipe Compact Profiler as a result of his purchase.


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The 2020 Torchmate 4400 and 4800 Model Information and Updates!

The 2020 models of the Torchmate 4400 (4x4) and 4800 (4x8) CNC plasma cutting tables bring you a refreshed and enhanced machine delivering you the most desired new features from customers and making the machine easier than ever to operate! New touchscreen improvements allow you to simply enter the material type and thickness and your cut settings will be set automatically! This will ensure you are always cutting at the right settings and you won't have to worry about finding the cut charts online or in your manual.

This also means that even a new operator can be confident that they are entering the correct cut settings for your new machine. There are a variety of other new touchscreen features that are now enabled, along with the now standard Laser Pointer attachment, and the all new Torchmate 4000 TC Pipe and Round Tube cutting attachment! Watch the video below for more details!

Give us a call today at (775) 673-2200 to learn more about the 2020 models, or Request a Quote!